Steps to Save the Veterans from Substance Abuse

By | July 1, 2019


Adapting to civilian life after spending years of military life can be gruelling. The traumatic events during the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries can have lifelong impacts. The symptoms could be physical, psychological or both. Physical disability is often the most daunting block for a normal life. Many of the veterans are unable to imagine a dependant life on others after being heroes for the entire nation.

Depression and Loneliness

Depression can lead to loneliness and a feeling of alienation. The veterans can have strong feelings of resentment, anger and frustrations over the smallest events in the family. The probability of substance and alcohol abuse is very high among such individuals. In the beginning, the feeling of high could be satisfied with little shots. Gradually the need to increase the quantity grows and becomes larger than life.

Endless Cycle

The cycle of depression and addiction can become endless within a short time. The veteran has now become a patient with a progressive disease called substance abuse or alcoholism. In some cases, the patient may have dual problems.

Veterans Detox

 The time to save heroes is now. Thanks to the initiatives from federal and state governments, there are many rehab centers and Detox centers run by non-governmental organizations. They have the facilities and infrastructure to treat and heal the most chronic conditions within a short time. The veterans can overcome the physical craving for substances and alcohol after the Detox period.

Veterans Rehab

Overcoming physical dependency is only the first step. Eliminating the mental obsession is the most critical stage. There have been many instances of relapse, due to unmanageability of emotional outbursts.

It is very important to heal fear, phobia, frustrations, and discontentment among the veterans. Communities can be of great help here. Recognition and appreciation of veterans’ sacrifices within the communities can be a morale-boosting factor. It is a feeling which can keep them contented and happy.

Bringing the mindset from wartime memories to the present civilian life is perhaps the biggest task ever. It requires the active cooperation of the veterans during and after their stay in the rehab center. Working one day at a time with other suffering addicts and veterans can be a great motivating factor.


 Saving heroes is an organization, which has been working relentlessly in restoring the life of our veterans back to normalcy. Volunteering and donations can be highly helpful.